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Six honest serving men in Social Media content planning

Social Media has become crucial nowadays, not only for individuals but also for business. Most of the time, they are the main channels companies use to communicate with their audience, simply because there’s plenty of fish in the sea meaning the number of potential target audiences on these platforms is massive.

Spending a minute or two checking around Facebook or Instagram accounts of small businesses, you might come across some visually unappealing and poor-quality content. This is very common, but no one wants their content to look terribly-planned. Still, when it comes to actually rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty, it’s tougher than you would think. If you feel that way, I have some tips for you that you can start implementing right away.

“I keep six honest serving men, they taught me all I knew. Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.”
– Rudyard Kipling

Six honest serving men as known as problem analysis method is nothing new under the sun. But what people do not realize is that it’s perfectly applicable to Social Media content planning. Let’s elaborate, shall we?

This approach can be used in planning a bigger picture.

  • Why?

Why are you using Social Media? What could it bring to your business? Are you expecting traffic to your website or engagement from the community?

Getting to know what your motive to start using Social Media and your objectives for Social Media channels are is crucial. Is it to have interactions with your audience? Or to boost sales and increase brand awareness? Either way, a concrete knowledge of why you do it has to be defined in this very first stage for further planning.

  • What?

What are your stories? What do you want to tell your audiences? What will your social media be like to make it stand out? Keeping this in mind would make your social media journey less paved. It also helps your feed look consistent and interesting along with the predetermined theme. Big plus for the feeds with signature style, and layout, examples from here.

  • When?

Knowing which stage your product and business are in is important to keep in mind. Does your product has a presence already or is it about to be launched? Especially when your product or service concept is brand new, you’d probably like to put more effort into educating your audience than just pushing too much. Some tutorial videos, or testimonials, for example, could work pretty well in this case. Keep in mind also which day of the week and what time of the day attracts most traffic.

  • Who?

This could get many stakeholders involved. Who would be in charge of managing social media accounts? Have you heard of SoMe take-over? Do you have anyone in-house to do it or would you prefer outsourcing the process? Also, at some point when you might need to share others’ content, make sure they are high profile media accounts that are trustworthy. Most importantly, who would be the audience you are targeting? Create your follower persona as clearly as possible, it will surely be worth the time later on.

  • Where?

Which platform are you keen on using? Are you more familiar with Instagram than Twitter? Is it necessary to have a Youtube channel? Knowing audience personas well could give you a hint at which platform you would most likely find them from. Also what many people tend to overlook is competitors. Investigating where your competitors are helps you find exactly where you should be.

  • How?

How frequently would you post? How do you actually communicate? Which tone-of-voice are you going to use? Is it funny, humorous or formal and business-oriented sort of tone? For the record, visually captivating content usually catches attention and has a better reach than just plain text content.

Bottom line: there’s no right or wrong way to do things, but this practice is, however, what I have been utilizing and wanted to share with you guys.

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