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Analytics Specialist

Are you our next analytics specialist ready to create startup success stories with our team?

Analytics Specialist​

Numbers don’t lie. You can’t charm them into telling a different story. And yet, if read correctly, one can act upon analytics and turn entire projects around and create success out of thin air. That’s what makes our Analytics Specialist role extra special. As one of our first Analytics Specialists you’ll be given a top-down view of some of the best growth opportunities in Europe, America, and beyond. It’ll be your call whether directives are working correctly, how and when to pivot if they aren’t, and what angles should come next. Can you use Javascript conditional statements to give you that data point that’ll allow your client to rest easy that night? If so, this is the job for you. 

Make no mistake: it’s not an easy job, but it is rewarding. It’s like being the air traffic control tower, the pilot, and (since you’ll be interfacing with clients from time to time) an excellent flight attendant all rolled into one. As for the rewards of this position: you will be joining a team of some of the best digital growth specialists and leads in the world, but you’ll need to be a self-starter. We prefer working smarter over working harder.

Having said that, while we take the work very seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Freedom to work from anywhere, quarterly villa trips, group dinners, a team with a solid sense of humor peerless only to their work ethic, and monthly bonuses depending on output set us apart from other agencies. What we lack in handholding, we make up for in excitement and job satisfaction.

It’ll help to know all these:

  • Javascript basics
    • Knowledge of how to use functions and variables
    • Knowledge of how to use event listeners
    • Knowledge of how to use conditional statements
    • Knowledge of how to do loops
    HTML / CSS:
    • Knowledge of how to do basic styling to HTML elements with CSS
    • Knowledge of how to use typical HTML tags
    • Knowledge of what a DOM tree is
    • Knowledge of common CSS selectors
    Data analytics
    • Knowledge of the difference between metrics and dimensions
    • Knowledge of how to create goals on Google Analytics
    • Basic level understanding of data analytics in general
    Google Suite
    • Experience in Sheets / Excel functions (eg. nested functions)
    • Understanding of typical technical pitfalls in terms of SEO and how to fix them
    • Understanding of what factors Google takes into account when deciding what search results to show
    Some specific skills that you will have to know in the future JSON
    • Know how to traverse JSON objects and arrays with javascript tracking
    • Can create GTM tags and triggers and send platforms data about events (namely GA, FB, LinkedIn) and catch them in the platforms)
    • Able to create custom GTM variables
    • Understands what the data layer is, how to push things into the data layer and how to extract information from the data layer

Extra points for:

  • Anycode language experience at intermediate level
  • Experience with webhooks
  • Experience in Tableu
  • Experience in Google Data Studio
  • Experience with SQL or databases in general
  • Experience with Segment

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