Case study


Cocoon is a US based startup providing insights-as-a-Service for the $300 billion skincare and beauty industry. Truly Agency works together with the core team helping to launch their new platform.



43% lead conversion rate

for early adopters

1,39 €




product/market fit validation

Democratizing skincare data

Cocoon is on a mission to democratize data! Their app helps women suffering from chronic skin discover cosmetics that are suitable for them, and at the same time providing the cosmetics industry with rich insights. Bootstrapping their way towards an MVP product, they needed world-class talent-on-demand.

Truly Agency has been there to provide flexible growth hacking, communication and product development expertise throughout the development process. When it was time to recruit users to help test and develop the product, we created a customized digital recruitment campaign that helped Cocoon acquire quality leads at 1,39 € CPA. And with a 43% conversion rate on their landing pages, it also helped validate a clear user need for the service.


“We partnered with Truly because of they understood our challenges like nobody else. Our collaboration exceeded my expectations, bringing in a massive lead boost.”
Pirkka Pekka
CEO, Lapland Hotels

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