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When Helsinki University and Scandinavian Biopharma began undertaking an extremely ambitious medical study, they teamed up with Truly Agency to help with the recruitment.


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Recruiting hundreds of subjects for a medical study

The medical research community around the world has been working on creating an effective vaccination against diarrhea for decades. Now Scandinavian Biopharma AB, Helsinki University and HUS are testing a new vaccine in a pioneering study that is sending 800 finnish test subjects to spend two weeks in Benin.

Recruiting 800 test subjects is a difficult task. Truly Agency has been helping the research team by designing and maintaining a finely tuned digital lead gathering process and application platform.

The results have been excellent. Quickly after launching, the research study gained thousands of quality leads, which Truly is helping nurture through continuous communication efforts.


“We partnered with Truly because of they understood our challenges like nobody else. Our collaboration exceeded my expectations, bringing in a massive lead boost.”
Pirkka Pekka
CEO, Lapland Hotels

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