Growth Hacking Academy

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A 2-month practical internship program in which you will learn how to master the art, skills, and mindset of growth hacking.

Growth Hacking Academy

The Growth Hacking Academy is a 2-month internship program that matches you with a company looking to utilize growth hacking in their organization. After the program, interns have the opportunity to get employed in their company of alignment, or directly with Truly Agency. They also have the opportunity to join our talented Alumni Network.

The Growth Hacking Academy is the perfect way to deep-dive into the art and science of growth hacking. The work itself revolves around weekly growth sprints, where you learn to set quantifiable objectives, execute systematic tests to reach them, and to gather valuable learnings that help companies grow.

Growth hacking is a little like being an explorer, a time traveler, and a master engineer- all at the same time. You’ll be experimenting, being unafraid to dive into the unknown, and changing things in the present to make big things happen in the future.

You will learn by doing, and by collaborating with other Academy members, our Alumni network, and our experienced growth team.

If you’re a self-starter who wakes up in the morning excited about the prospect of helping create success stories for start-up companies, you should apply right now!          


  • Ability to be systematic
    • Ability to be a proactive problem solver

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