Source next generation growth talent for your team

Truly will build a growth hacking intern from the ground up to make them the perfect fit to build out growth in your organization. Our unique solution is the perfect way to scale your in-house team with the right talent.

Get matched with a growth intern

We are currently running the Growth Hacking Academy on-demand. Once you notify us of your. interest to bring an intern into your organization, we seek to understand what your growth challenges are, and what your requirements are for your growth hacking intern. Then, we find a suitable growth intern from our talent pool.

If we don’t have one that meets your exact criteria already in our talent pool, we’ll find one for you. Depending on your needs and requirements, this can take anywhere from a couple of hours, to a couple of weeks to find you the perfect fit.

Internship reimagined

We hire the intern, and they will simultaneously onboard into your company, and into the Truly Growth Hacking Academy. We then begin training them with all of Truly’s secret tricks-of-the-trade.

We provide them with nearly endless award winning Truly resources to learn from, and conduct several weekly meetings with your intern to coach them through building out the growth function in your organization. They will have access to our growth hacking community and our full team as well to supplement their learning.

Internal intern placement

The interns can be placed in various growth related roles
inside your team. Many of our interns work within the
following areas:

• Customer/lead acquisition and marketing
• Website maintenance and development
• Customer insight gathering
• Analytics and data acquisition
• Sales automation

Opportunity to hire


The internship will conclude after two months. At this point, you have a fully-trained intern that knows how to operate within your business, and you will have the option to officially hire them into your organization.



€ fixed price

2 month internship


We offer a unique internship plan, where we match your company with a suitable intern looking to grow his/her skills in a real working environment. The intern comes equipped with our tried and tested growth hacking process and weekly support. It’s a great way to start building growth hacking processes inside your company.

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