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Aarni Kotiranta

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Aarni is a growth marketing mentor with remarkable experience helping businesses grow with marketing and automation. He's also a humble lifehacker.

How to start collaboration with Truly Agency

I’m Aarni, nice to meet you. Making the first move towards a relationship can be taunting so I wanted to write this article to soften it a bit. It’s designed to briefly give you all the necessary information when you’d like to approach us.

About us:

Helping you to grow your business is our primary goal. Everything else is secondary.

Most companies can benefit from an objective, outside resource that understands their business. One that is able to deliver high quality growth-driven marketing as a service. The basic building blocks we utilize are innovation, branding, communication, scalability and automation. The idea of growth driven marketing may be clear for many, but the execution often creates a lot of unnecessary struggle and costs for even the most viable businesses.

Starting point is always this:

We should find the best way for you to grow. Validate it with small measurable actions and then scale up for the best return for your investment.

Our mission is to build and maintain an agency service that can live up to the challenge of delivering genuine growth for any kind of business – and keeping things simple in the process. If that sounds like something you would benefit from, let’s have a talk.

How to start?:

  1. Contact us to book a meeting
  2. Let’s get to know each other and review your business goals, schedules and resources
  3. We tailor a clear proposal for getting started, just for you, in no time
  4. Let’s start with as much face time, planning and testing as necessary. That’s the fastest route to sustainable growth

Kind regards,


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