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How to use AdWords traffic as a Facebook audience

The most high intent data tends to be Google Ads traffic for obvious reasons – users that Google for a certain product or service have already decided to buy it. They just need find you.

That’s part one. Part two is to catch this data with your Facebook pixel to

  1. Leverage your high intent website custom audiences
  2. Cross-platform retargeting if the user didn’t convert
  3. Create high intent lookalike audiences

In other words, you can target Facebook and Instagram advertising to people actively searching for your products and brand, and multiply the potential high intent audience with lookalike audiences. Cool, huh?

Here’s how

1. Categorise and tag your Google Ads campaign

Common way is to separate Brand keywords and Generic keywords, but you can do deeper splitting if you like. Important is to generate a separate urls for different campaigns.

We’re using url tag brand_keyword_Trulyagency for this example.

2. Setup URLs

Setup your Google ads by using this template:<website_custom_tags>&<analytics_tracking_tags>&tag_for_remarketing=“brand_keyword_Trulyagency

You can also read more about setting up custom parameters.

3. Create a Custom Audience

Create a Custom Audience at your Business manager to capture traffic in real-time.

4. Create a Campaign

Now you can create a campaign based on your Google Ads -based Custom Audience.

Campaign ideas

  1. Target brand awareness advertising to audience googling your brand keywords (or competitor brands!)
  2. Target generic advertising to audience googling generic keywords
  3. Target product category based advertising to audience googling certain products and leverage with cross-sales
  4. Cross-platform retargeting for non-converters
  5. Increase audience size with lookalike audiences
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