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While our core team is located in Helsinki, we’re also a skilled network of growth experts working around the globe. We help you boost your growth, marketing or product development team with critical expertise at critical stages.

Esa Peltonen

Growth Strategist, Co-founder
Esa is an experienced growth pioneer and a happy father of two. He’s passionate about helping challengers, disruptors and dreamers of all sizes.

Aarni Kotiranta

CEO, co-founder
Aarni is a growth marketing mentor with remarkable experience helping businesses grow with marketing and automation. He's also a humble lifehacker.

Mari Luukkainen

Growth advisor, Partner
Mari has a track record second to none, and business success stories to make you blush. She has helped a multitude of successful startups, blockchain ventures and businesses find their hockey stick.

Sebastian Örn

Growth Strategist
Experienced in communications and media, Sebastian is an underdog by heart. He brings ruckus to old industries by bridging the gap between growth, motivation and innovation for future haymakers.

Henrik Gripenberg

Growth Hacker
Henrik is a growth hacker with an eye for detail. He believes that everything can and should be optimized in order to create value.

Helena Lindström

Content & Social Media Specialist
Helena is a versatile marketing communications specialist with a flair for exceptional content. She challenges brands to find their purpose.

Pinja Naamanka

Visual Designer
Pinja is a dashing mix of an artist and an academic. She has an invincible eye for visual content and managing projects of all sizes is as easy as ABC for her.

Tuan Le

Junior Growth Hacker
Tuan is a curious junior growth hacker who is familiar with multiple marketing platforms, focused on growth, and loves social media.

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