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PPC Specialist

An integral part of growth success, PPC drives visitors into and through your sales funnel. Think you have what it takes to be a PPC specialist at Helsinki’s best growth agency? Apply below.

PPC Specialist

You may know this already, having somehow navigated your way to the PPC specialist job listing, but PPC stands for Paid-Per-Click. People love clicking, and companies spend quite a lot of money to have people click all over their content. It’s simple, yet technical. It’s an integral part of the digital media marketing landscape but not one that gets a massive amount of love and respect in other agencies. And that ain’t fair!

So, if you’re a bonafide brilliant PPC Specialist, we’d like to welcome you with open arms. If you can structure Google Ad campaigns and keywords with skill and ease, come work for us. If you can read analytics like a surfer reads waves, we have a position for you here. And if you can stand undaunted at the feet of Facebook Business Manager and LinkedIn Business Manager, we’re looking for someone like you. 

Equally as important as your skillset, though, is your ability to be a good cultural fit with us here at Truly. We work smart, not necessarily hard, and (as with any position) big-ego blow-hards who think they’re too big for their britches will be politely shown the door. We are Northern Europe’s premier growth agency and are rapidly becoming one of the pre-eminent digital agencies in the world. Having said that, while we take the work very seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Freedom to work from anywhere, quarterly villa trips, group dinners, a team with a solid sense of humor peerless only to their work ethic, and monthly bonuses depending on output set us apart from other agencies. What we lack in handholding, we make up for in excitement and job satisfaction.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Google Ads

  • Understand how to structure campaigns, ad groups and keywords
  • Understand how to choose the match types and how negative keywords works
  • Understand how to use ad extensions
  • Be able to create ad texts
  • Basic understanding of data analytics to be able to improve the campaigns based on the performance data


  • Experience from different ad types (Display, Shopping, Video, Smart, Dynamic Search Ads)
  • Know how to manage and create campaigns with Excel and Google Ads Editor
  • Be able to set up conversion tracking and GTM

LinkedIn and Facebook Business Managers:

  • Understand how to choose campaign objects, structure campaigns, ad sets and ad types
  • Understand how to choose and create audiences and exclusion
  • Be able to create ad copies
  • Basic understanding of data analytics to be able to improve the campaigns based on the performance data
  • Understands platform specific conversion settings

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