+3 300 000 € sales increase for an ecommerce company

To help Virtasenkauppa reach their ecommerce goal, they joined forces with Truly’s growth team. Together, we growth hacked their digital sales and marketing and increased their revenue by over 3 300 000 €, over doubling their annual revenue.


Virtasenkauppa is a traditional brick and mortar retailer with a 70 year history. Originally they catered to people living in rural areas and specialized in spare parts for cars. Now their focus has widened drastically which is a driving force of growth.

Growth objective

For 2020 Virtasenkauppa set an ambitious goal for growing their business by 30% (about 1M euros). The challenging goal was coupled with the freedom to dig into their ecommerce funnel and develop any aspects that might bring results.

How we got there

Truly’s team first analyzed their sales and marketing funnel, and mapped out opportunities for growth. The most potential opportunities formed the initial development roadmap, which the Truly team started executing through weekly growth sprints.


A customized analytics and KPI model was created in order to fully understand the sales impact of the various development activities in real time. Results and next steps were communicated weekly so everyone in the team would be up to date at all time. 


By staying focused on relevant things like mobile user experience, and creating a long-term collaboration, we exploded Virtasenkauppa’s digital sales. We surpassed all goals and more than doubled their annual revenue. The collaboration continues and the goals are set for future growth.

Interested in trying growth hacking?

If you’d like to know more about the specifics of growth hacking, and what we could do for you, give us a call or an email here and let’s get the ball rolling.

Key results

+3 300 000 €

More than doubled (+119%) sales revenue in just 12 months by developing the online store and digital marketing.


Direct sales through digital marketing efforts grew by 468%.


Ecommerce traffic increased by more than 77%, and revenue per visitor increased significantly.

“After a few bad partnerships, we finally teamed up with Truly, whose expertise in growth hacking, using data and improving our marketing is on an unprecedented level.”

Mikko Virtanen